Raffael Marty

Below you find the four areas of interst that I fill my days with. My main focus, however, lies in pixlcloud, a SaaS visual analytics company.

Visual Analytics

Companies are collecting petabytes of data and are building large scale data processing environments based on hadoop and other NoSQL technologies. This means we can process data, but what does the data really tell us? Visual analytics helps exploring data to make it actionable.

With pixlcloud, we bridge the gap between data and knowledge through visualization.

Security Intelligence

Security intelligence is the latest movement in the security arena. It combines the big data world with security information management (SIEM). Log management and SIEM products are complex and are starting to get outdated. Through a use-case driven architecture I have helped companies take their security intelligence to the next level.

Having worked at major SIEM vendors, and having spent a long time in log analysis research, I have been able to help companies implement solutions and define processes to get the most out of their SIEM investments and data environments.

pixlcloud will help take the security intelligence space to the next, long overdue, frontier.

Business Coaching / Advising

I have always been fascinated by people and how to build lasting relationships. Being part of a national sports team and later coaching the team taught me some incredible lessons and gave me some amazing experiences that I am trying to translate into business and life.

My professional journey combined with the sports experiences has helped me work with a number of startups. I have helped define business models and strategies, assisted in raising money and building business relationships, and helped executives to go a step further.

Giving Back

2011 has introduce me to a new world, the world of NGOs. I traveled to Africa with MamaHope to get see first-hand, what it means to live in absolute poverty. The trip has inspired me to do more work in this area and as a result of that, I joined the advisory board of MamaHope. I have also been working with some other projects like The Adventure Project to learn more about the NGO world.